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All offensive players other than the punter must stand on the line of scrimmage until the ball has been kicked. The defense must keep four players on the line of scrimmage. When the ball is punted, the ball is downed when: Touched by the kicking team The receiving team touches the ball and then it hits the ground If the punted ball hits the ground first, it is still a live ball Blocking down field - only screen blocking is allowed - no contact is allowed.

All fumbles are a dead ball when it hits the ground. The new line of scrimmage will be marked at the point of the fumble.

5 on 5 Flag Football 1-2-2 Zone Defense

No fumbling the ball forward A fumble in the air or a lateral pass can be caught by the defense and this will be ruled a turn over. A cone will mark the defensive line on each play.

Defensive rushers must be lined up on the line of scrimmage from a standing position. NO running rushes permitted. A running rush is described as a defensive player running forward towards the line of scrimmage while saying the rush count. Defensive rushers may not use their hands or arms in an aggressive or forceful manner, including pushing, pulling or grabbing.

Male defenders who intend to cover women 1 thru 3 must remain at least 5 yards behind the defensive line of scrimmage prior to the snap only. Women 4 thru 7 can be lined up on by men or women - on the line of scrimmage. The QB makes an obvious attempt to advance the ball beyond the line of scrimmage by tucking the ball into the body. This does not include a QB roll-out or plays of this type. If the ball is snapped to a player who is not lined-up in the QB position.

All defensive players are released and free to cover any offensive player anywhere on the field. If defensive pass interference occurs in the end zone the ball will be placed on the 1 yard line. Failure to utilize the mandatory "Woman Play"; Results in a 5-yard penalty and the down goes over with the mandatory "Woman Play" is still in effect.

The defense has the option to decline this penalty. Play is ruled dead immediately, no option to decline, down is replayed. If the penalty is accepted by the offense, there is a 5-yard mark-off from the line of scrimmage against the defense and the down is repeated. If the penalty is accepted any yardage gained on the play will be nullified.

If the penalty is declined, the play will stand and it will be the next down. Players may not be in motion towards the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. This will result in a dead ball, 5-yard penalty on the offense and repeat of the down. This is a 5-yard penalty from the line of scrimmage. Some acceptable and incidental contact will occur while running routes and within the normal course of play which will not be called.

Unnecessary Roughness will result in a yard penalty from the line of scrimmage and a loss of down. If the penalty occurs after the play the penalty will result in a yard penalty from the end of the play. This will result a loss of down.

The result of this penalty will be a yard infraction. The play will be whistled dead and the ball will be reset at the 5 yard line. Second Offense: game recorded as loss and PSG staff reserves the right to remove team from league and playoffs with no refund for games not played. Third Offense: Automatic removal from the league and playoffs with no refund for games not played.

Flag Football Rules - Hub Sports Boston

Teams are strongly encouraged to wear their league assigned T-shirts or a similar color. There are no substances such as stick-um allowed either on the ball or on players hands. Equipment Legal : Cut-off style jerseys must end at least four inches above the flagbelt.

Anyone knotting the flagbelt will be ejected from the game. Equipment Illegal : No football pads, metal cleats or casts allowed. Knee braces must be padded with slow to recover foam, not just pants. No or Hidden Flagbelt: If the ball-carrier has no flagbelt, or loses his flagbelt without it being pulled, one-hand touch prevails.

The Best 5 on 5 Flag Football Defense Strategy Guide

If the ball-carrier loses his flagbelt because of a defender flagbelt clip separates , the play is dead at the point where the clip separated. If during the play, the ball-carrier's jersey covers the flags and the defense cannot with ordinary effort pull the flag, one hand touch prevails. Spot of Ball: The ball is spotted at the location of the ball at the time of the flag pull. Blocking Offensive Line: Offensive lines must have at least the center and two tackles, with each lineman within arm's length of the lineman next to him.

Kickoffs: Teams kickoff from their own yard line. The restraining line is the other There are kickoffs after all extra point attempts. Teams kickoff from their own yard line. The restraining line is the The ball must travel past the restraining line on a fly or its dead at the spot.

Back to the Basics Football Drill Manual: Flag Football Edition

All muffs are dead at the point where they hit the ground. Any kick that goes out of bounds before the end zone comes into play at the receiving team's restraining line. The ball must be kicked off the ground or a regulation kicking tee. The kicking team must kick within 30 seconds of the ready whistle or a delay of game penalty will be assessed.

Fair catch is legal if the hands are waived above the head. On a kick off once the ball travels past the restraining line it is a live ball.

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If the kicking team gains possession of the ball prior to the receiving team after the ball passes the restraining line the possession will be awarded to the kicking team. On kickoff if the ball is kicked out of bounds the receiving team will get the ball at the 40 yard line On Kickoff if a it is a touchback the ball will be placed on the 20 yard line cone After Safeties: After a safety, the kicking team may elect to kickoff or punt from their own 20 yard line. Punts: Punting Team: All punts are declared no fakes and the defensive team cannot block a punt.

The snap must travel a minimum two yards from center. As usual, bad snaps are dead where and when they hit the ground. The punting team must have four men on the line of scrimmage. No contact is allowed until the ball hits the punter's foot.

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The punter has 30 seconds from the ready whistle to punt the ball or delay of game will be charged. The punter cannot take more than one step backwards before punting.

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He may however take as many steps forward no lateral steps as he likes. The receiver is allowed a three-yard neutral zone to make the catch fare catch. Return Team: The return team must have four men on the line of scrimmage. Three of the linemen must be head to head with the offensive linemen, and cannot drop back until the ball is kicked. If a muff does not hit the ground, the team catching the ball has possession, in which case the receiving team may advance the ball but the punting team may not. Tackling: No tackling allowed. Rushing the Quarterback: Immediate rush at snap. Penalty Assessments: 5yds for all penalties except those listed below or elsewhere within this document.