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He studied Sculpture at the Ar. Co in Lisbon, the Royal College of Arts in London and the Kunstakademie in M nster, but he no longer sees h im self as a scu lp tor, alth ou g h h e b ecam e notorious as such.

His recent works are the result of mixing various processes, o en with techni ues h e is not f am iliar w ith , m aking h is w ork a room for learning and experimenting. His first exhibition took place in , at the Monumental Gallery in Lisbon, and immediately began to draw attention. A er the national acclaim, he took the international step, with participations in the S o Paulo Art Biennial , the Melbourne Biennial and the Manifesta in Ljubljana.

In his works, prototypes and machines live together with painting, drawing, photography and performance in an ensemble that is o en as intuitive as it is erudite.

Articulating sculpture with machines, such as image projection devices, and fragments of nature, he occu p ied th e Fond aco M arcello sp ace, a w areh ou se near the Grand Canal, which was previously used to store gondolas. The exhibition uestions su sp ension in sp ace and is sim u ltaneou sly a uestioning and a trip to the nature of artistic creation.

Along with the abundance of materials and techni ues, there is a wide selection of h istorical and cu ltu ral ref erences, f rom th e p op u lar and artisanal to the erudite and scientific. More information about the short film MEO competition on page N ov elist, p lay w rig h t, p oet, essay ist and screenw riter, f or th e last f ew y ears ref erenced rep eated ly as a cand id ate f or th e N ob el P riz e f or L iteratu re, P eter Handke was born in , in Griffen, Austria.

While he was still a student, he began to establish himself as a w riter, as a p art of th e so- called G raz er G ru p p e, to w h ich E lf ried e J elinek and B arb ara Frisch m u th belonged as well. He abandoned his studies in , w h en th e p u b lish er S u h rkam p V erlag accep ted to publish his first novel, i orniss n. The following year, he began to draw attention with his participation in the Gruppe 47, an avant-garde artists meeting, in P rinceton, N ew J ersey , w h ere h e p resented h is p lay i s s i n.

Escândalo e diamantes

He directed two films and worked with Wim Wenders on the scripts of some of h is w orks, su ch as in s o sir. He has several books published in Portugal. Licenciada em Direito, diz que aprendeu mais com Crime e Casti o de Dostoievsky do que com qualquer coisa que tenha lido durante o curso. Em trabalhou com John Malkovich no filme limt, de Ruiz. This experience is portrayed in th e b ook orno, p u b lish ed in 2 0 1 1 w ith great comercial success and critical acclaim. Because of the many in uences she accumulates, each book is different from the last, as if it was written by a different person.

In , actress and stage director M nica Calle did a five-hour show based on s s nti n os. Born in Vienna in , set designer and costume designer Birgit Hutter began by studying painting at the Akademie f r Angewandte Kunst, in Vienna and th e Art S tu d ent L eag u e, in N ew Y ork, b ef ore u nd ertaking set and costu m e d esig n at th e Akademie der Bildenden K nste, in Vienna. She also studied Art and Theater History. She was involved in countless projects for cinema, television, theater and fashion, including a project as assistant to fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

She worked in several Shakespeare productions at th e G erog e Tab oris Th eater and in sev eral of th e most important Austrian theaters.

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In , she worked with John Malkovich in the film i , by Ruiz. Set in the crumbling environs of Calcutta, Labour of Love is a ly rical u nf old ing of tw o ord inary liv es su sp end ed in th e d u ress of a sp iralling recession. They are married to a cycle of work and domestic routine, and long stretches of waiting in the silence of an em p ty h ou se. Th ey sh are each oth ers solitu d e in pursuit of a distant dream that visits them brie y ev ery m orning. Berlin, the Romantic Era. The shamans of the two native peoples, the Khanti and the Forest Nenets, have no intention of sig ning on to th e new id eolog y.

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To reconcile tw o su ch very different cultures, six artists leave for Siberia to reach th e f orests arou nd th e O b R iv er. One early morning, Mariano, a 17 year old teenager finds a pistol in his house and unexpectedly shoots himself twice. He survives. In Paris, driven by my tireless love for Syria, I find that I can only film the sky and edit the footage posted. From within, the tension between my estrangement in France and the revolution, an encounter happened.

Silvered Water is the story of that encou nter. Foi relatado que o re ime de ssad sistematicamente matou quem via a tirar foto ra as durante o in cio do con ito na S ria pesar disto milhares de s rios desa aram o peri o e a morte lmando acontecimentos quotidianos do protesto e da uerra com os seus telem veis is r or a ssa r i s s ati a i an on sa a in i r s rin ar tin in ria s i is o san s o rians an r an a s ootin ai v n s o ro s an ar i ir on s. While you sleep soundly in your bed, the night lepers lord the streets of New ork City, lusting a er the highest high.

On one corner, her malevolent lover demands a bloodle ng. On another, a dope dealer kindly offers her free transfusions. How much ebb and ow can a young heart take before bursting into oblivion The film is based on the real-life stories of Arielle Holmes documented in her f orth com ing m em oir a ov in or Ci. Como nos lmes anteriores os irm os Safdie preferem uma narrativa r pida e sempre em desenvolvimento que n o se ura o espectador pela m o nem espera que ele recupere Heaven mer ulha nos no seu mundo in media res com Harley e lya a meio de uma pai o e momentos mais tarde na ressaca de uma discuss o s in ir r vio s s a i s avor a as or ar ovin narrativ a o sn o vi r s an or ai or s o a Heaven r s s s in o i s or in ias r s i ar an a in ro s o assion an o ns a r a r a o a s Sco Foundas, ariet.

Espantado e inspirado pelo rapaz ela decide proteger o seu talento contra tudo e todos. A kindergarten teacher discovers in a five year-old child a prodigious gi for poetry.

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Amazed and inspired by this young boy, she decides to protect h is talent in sp ite of ev ery one. Lapid caminha so re uma corda am a que se revela um su til e ori inal caminho: tocante e pertur ador a i a s a n r ti ro a is a s v r n s a i o rs ovin an is r in Daniel asman, Note oo. Decidem fazer um filme porno amador para ganharem algum dinheiro. They have no great ambitions b ecau se th ey h av e no g reat h op es. To earn som e money, they decide to shoot an amateur porno film. The birth of their daughter Julia is the main cataly st f or th e ch ang es th ey m ake.

Actos de selvajaria abundam de ambos lados. Apaixona-se por um jovem soldado e uma noite fogem juntos. Acts of sav ag ery ab ou nd on all sid es. C ap tain G u nnar Dinesen has come from Denmark with his fi een year-old daughter to take an engineering job with the Argentine army.

Being the only female in the area, Ingeborg creates uite a stir among the men. She falls in love with a young soldier, and one night they run away together. When he wakes up, the C ap tain realises w h at h as h ap p ened and d ecid es to venture into enemy territory to find the couple.

Um instrutor japon s chamado Mori tinha-se declarado a ela dois anos antes.


O envelope continha cartas que ele lhe tinha escrito quando a procurava em Seoul. Kwon, a language school instructor, stops by h er old w orkp lace and receiv es a th ick env elop e ad d ressed to h er. A J ap anese instru ctor nam ed Mori had proposed to her two years ago. She turned him down.

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Mori had immediately gone back to Japan, but now was back in Korea looking for her. The envelope enclosed letters he had written to her during his search through Seoul. A er Kwon finishes the first letter in the lobby, she grows faint coming down the staircase and drops the letters. She gathers them off the oor and sees there are no dates on the letters. She now has no way of knowing the order in which they were written.

Escândalo e diamantes

Ainda assim ele aborda-a com uma proposta. Nelly Lenz is a concentration camp survivor who has been le severely injured with a disfigured face. Following facial re-construction surgery, Nelly b eg ins th e search f or h er h u sb and J oh nny. When she does find him, Johnny does not recognise her. Nevertheless he approaches her with a proposal. Nelly agrees, and becomes her own doppelganger - she needs to know if Johnny ever loved her, or if he betrayed her. One day, they see a police helicopter ying over the beach and taking a cow from the palafita. Depois do seu treino, muitos s o enviados para a Coreia.

Bill e Percy t m a sorte de ficarem como instructores no cam p o. Fazem tamb m algumas excurs es pelo mundo exterior. Bill Rohan is 18 and wanders, dreamy and happy, along the riverside where his family have a house. His daydreaming is rudely interrupted by the Korean war, the dra , and the harsh reality of the military camp where he trains. There, he meets Percy, who becomes his firm friend.

A er their induction, numerous conscripts are sent to Korea. Bill and Percy are lucky enough to find th em selv es as instru ctors in a training cam p.