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The Revolving Bookshelf. Generations rise and fall too soon. No one is safe. Not even the timeless wielders of the Light whose access to the eternal Flame is at the heart of it all. Flame—the most mysterious and valuable substance in the universe. It is life, power, and the promise of so much more yet it is not the prize, but the tool.

A new age has dawned. Only with the Light fading away, Hope is just a word. All life is bound up in a new kind of war; its only front is the soul; its only weapon is temptation, and there is only one way out, survive the illusion! No one is immune. Not even the Guardians themselves…. A Guardian—one in whose heart this treasured Flame burns, one capable of breathing and wielding its untold power. Cadclucan is the creature of Light who once led three of his brothers back in Time to rescue one of their number from the grip of an ancient evil.

When the hope of that journey failed, his brother, Arawn, willfully chose to defy the laws of the Light and not even the Flame could withstand the infection that followed. Now, following the Exodus in which the Guardians retreated into their secret realm, Cadclucan is the last of his kind remaining in the world. He cannot stay; he cannot leave till Mhorag, the Promised Guardian King comes to claim the key to immeasurable power—the Stone of Existence of which he is the Guardian.

No peace and no rest remain. Hiding and hunted, Cadclucan faces fear unlike any known to his kind before. It is a fear that comes from within his mind—a mind that is plagued by memories of a black future yet unmade.

He is the eldest offspring of the fallen, Prince of his race, but he is tortured by his own existence. He lives with his people in a remote and nameless forest to keep all life safe from the insanity brought on by their uncontrollable hunger. It is the curse of all Samhail to hunger for the Flame, which is their lost birthright as the dreaded children of Arawn. Traces of Flame are hidden in the life blood of every living thing. No longer under the protection of the Guardians the monster within has come unleashed.

Always hungry, never quite in control, Lorshin stalks the night, and fears the Sun all the while silently harboring the torturous memories of the past. With a single kiss he enslaves his people to Death. His crime and its price was foretold in Prophecy, yet he failed to heed its warning. Now Lorshin, as the lover of Death, undertakes a desperate attempt to redeem himself and free his people from everlasting Darkness.

Through his bond with his twin, Isentara, who alone escaped slavery, he still knows Light, and Light is a powerful defense, but also through their bond Isentara knows Darkness. Two halves of a whole, separated by forces greater than themselves, they each must ultimately face the Darkness alone. In the Darkness, strength becomes weakness.

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That dark entity who emerged from the heart of the first created life when Time was still unmeasured. Despite his stolen existence, he is a being who was never meant to exist. Cast down from the Kingdom, stripped of flesh, bone and identity, he remains becoming The One Whose Name is not Spoken, the bane of the Light. Within the Orb is contained the Source, hidden in Flame, who is the most incomprehensible and powerful being in the universe and the one thing Sgarrwrath craves above all else.

Sgarrwrath never forgot and he never surrendered. His lust, like the Darkness, festered in the recesses of world in love with the Light. Now the ways of the Light lay in ruin and Flame is within his grasp. The time is fast approaching when either Light or Darkness will have to rise and lay claim to the soul of the Source by whom both are now uncomfortably linked. But all moments bare a price. Darkness grows out of the East, sweeping inch by hard won inch across the world.


The Resistance falters until a Prophet, branded by Flame emerges to proclaim the Hope of the Promised. Sgarrwrath has not grown so strong that he is beyond doubt, and when something not of his making burns into the encroaching shadows of his Void, all his plans come to disruption.

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Comes in the form of a mere Human. He was born to this time, and bred to this destiny, being of a pure descent in a long concealed line of Men whose purpose is shrouded in mythology.