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God tells Ezekiel that his people "have eyes to see but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear" Ezekiel The little picture below illustrates this.

Spiritual Eyes

You can see the little picture, yet you may not see it until I tell you it is a giraffe going past a second story window. You may say, "Oh, now I see! We call it "insight".


A word occasionally used in the Bible is "Behold". Beholding is not merely seeing. It is seeing with an intensity and insight that goes beyond a mere physical processing of light entering the eye. When Jesus healed a blind man, he asked him, "Do you see anything? He could see, but he was confused. Jesus touched his eyes again; then he saw clearly; he had not only sight, but insight, to make sense of what he saw Mark It was not enough to see.

He had to in-see This is how the Greek puts it.

By the Spirit, We See the Cross

Seeing without insight is seeing without understanding. It is seeing without discerning significance, and that is not really seeing at all. The Australian outback is not merciful to those who venture into it blind of such insight. The most important kind of seeing is the seeing of spiritual realities.

Maybe not as you want to, maybe not when you want to. But just as God's Word does not come back empty, neither will God's work in you. This idea draws from, among other places, Acts , where the risen Jesus addresses the gathering of His followers beyond just the circle of his disciples! Jesus told them not to try to figure out the time of the coming of the Kingdom, for it was not their task.

Acts 2 reports that on Pentecost, just after Jesus left, the Holy Spirit arrived in full force. The Spirit is still here, in each baptized believer, and not just spiritual leaders. The power is still here, too, arising within us in order to enable us to carry out our tasks of service, witness, and benefit of the Body.

Because the Spirit gives such possibilities, the follower of Christ can be bold about doing the good things which make for holiness. The follower expects to be used at any moment. This is what the holy life is made of. When charismatics talk of doing things in "resurrection power", they are saying they're not afraid to take action for God's purposes, because anything which causes fear is already defeated through Jesus' resurrection.

Love Is the Overflow of Joy in God

They're not afraid to be wrong, even dreadfully wrong. They trust that when they trust the Spirit, the Spirit will lead them in the right direction, out of whatever hole they may have dug for themselves. They can be free to take chances to follow God. They can see the course ahead with a clearer spiritual vision. While I would remind them that the Spirit, through Scripture, tells us to be discerning about all things, this is a matter of wisdom not fear.

In doing God's work, whatever it may be, there's no room for fear. The Spiritual Disciplines are an inward and spiritual reality, and the inner attitude of the heart is far more crucial than the mechanics for coming into the reality of the spiritual life. Harper, , p. Christians through the years have learned that certain practices help them keep the spiritual channels open and help keep the heart turned toward God.

They don't save you or turn you into a holy person, or even into a good one. But they can inspire your desire , and grow your love of God by pulling down the walls you yourself put up as well as those which others put up for you.

Seeing with Spiritual Eyes - Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC

You can learn to find God where God is least expected. The practices, and the disciplines they grew from, take a specific part of your way of life and turn it toward God. A spiritual discipline is, when given exercise faithfully and regularly, a habit or regular pattern in your life which repeatedly brings you back to God and opens you up to what the Spirit is showing you. Spiritual disciplines help to keep our relationship with God in good working order, and will even help us develop intimacy. The disciplines help us keep our spiritual vision from being clouded over. But no discipline can create or begin one's relationship with God.

Nothing we do can do that, because Christ already did it. No discipline can earn us heavenly brownie points, because there are no such brownie points to earn.

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No discipline gives us even the briefest moment of escape from our broken nature. No discipline can rescue us, make us more valuable as persons, or make us inherently more of a leader. Your life may go easier or smoother because of it, but it may get much harder, and that whole question is not really the point of it. Disciplines, practices, and even theologies are tools used for working with the Spirit on the task of remaking us into the you God made you to be.

Tools, not magic, not willpower. Tools of surrender and remanufacture. Tools used with Scripture , not in its stead. Powerful tools, but only because of the powerful One you're working with.

And you are not the foreman. The Spirit uses Scripture, fellowship and devotional practices to develop in us the spiritual eyes to see what God is doing.

This is what Ephesians means by the ' eyes of understanding '. You become freer to break out of the neat boxes in which your behavior is packaged.


You become less afraid to ask questions, for those can act as spiritual icebreakers in a oft-icy world. You don't have to act super-pious, or stay stolid and formal, or strictly orderly and in place, or do all the right things. Or perhaps you'll stop boxing God in with limits to divine authority as if we have any power to do so. Without the insight that the Spirit supplies, such freedom leads to anarchy and self-obsession.

Without ' spiritual eyes ', you force God to confront you and your way of life rather than let God share the pleasures of divine company. With spiritual vision, you can see some part of where God is headed and where you belong in it. You can then act accordingly, and not think about the boxes.