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From the absolute nightmare of an assembly erection that you beg in your head will go down before the headteacher stops talking to the confusion of a strange dream leaving it feeling like you have wet the bed. Teenage boys have lots of urges and there are certain, harmless ways of dealing with these. But the annoying thing for a male is that there are certain aspects of this self discovery that require disposing of. And the balancing act of using socks and tissues without arousing sorry suspicion is tricky.

As adults, many of us now have to shave once or even twice a day. But that first tentative shave is a weird experience and the start of a process that you need to keep up with forevermore. And you may end up cringing at yourself years down the line. In reality, nothing is in your control. Friendship groups start to veer off in different directions and crossroads open up before you. During your teenage years, you think that the time you are living in will be the most important and your lifestyle will never change.

But change it does…. You will learn how to write a CV, set up a bank account, have a long term relationship and figure out parking rules in the city. MORE: 12 things every parent of a tween girl will understand. MORE: 15 things every parent of a year-old boy will relate to. We have found that when our children were thoroughly familiar with their own bodies, and reasonably familiar with the bodies of their infant brothers and sisters, they had much less curiosity than many of their playmates.

As our toddlers grew older, they developed modesty, which we encouraged.

Our school-aged children began to seek privacy in the bathroom and while dressing, and we encouraged these signs of growing up. Neither one of us really remembers sitting down with our parents to hear a lecture on the birds and bees, nor have we tooled up for a grand presentation to our children. We feel that it creates excessive emotional reactions about natural relationships. Now we plan to continue to openly discuss with our children, whenever appropriate, the sexual behavior of human beings. For example, when newspaper reports of sex crimes provide some teaching moments, we discuss with our children ways to avoid such situations.

The discussion on why some individuals become perverted also includes, for comparison, a clear description of normal sexuality. We experienced with close friends a tragedy involving their eldest daughter, who became pregnant out of wedlock. The incident was incomprehensible to anyone who knew this lovely girl. Through our involvement with the family, we learned that her sexual experience was not one of passion or even enjoyment. We, like all concerned parents, pray that our children will not find themselves in such situations. We try to teach them how to build bridges in case they ever need to cross them.

We have even suggested possible dialogues to our older girls. Realizing that a boy is usually the aggressor in a relationship, we teach our boys that manners are not confined to opening the door for a date or being polite to parents.

Manners are defined to them as never doing anything inappropriate that will make another person uncomfortable, and we have taught them that they are responsible for their behavior. Then, with careful direction and much prayer, we hope they will date girls who behave appropriately and expect the same from them.

Robert Webb: My family values

It is sometimes difficult to know how best to teach a particular child about matters relating to sexual identity, so we employ many approaches with faith that at least one will impress these important teachings on their minds. In addition to the religious approach, we also use a psychological one. Since self-control is a major characteristic of maturity, and since teenagers want to be mature, this appeal is a major motivation.

Young and male in America: It's hard being a boy - celmistli.tk

We take teaching moments as they occur to point out to our children how promiscuity among great nations led to their downfall. Violators are dealt with most severely, not for religious reasons but simply because such actions weaken the society. A common but immature rationalization is that sex is an individual biological need. We try to anticipate the arguments that our children will encounter and help them plan a rebuttal. We have spent less time with the biological aspects because they fall into the category of The Big Talk. Physiology is taught in school, and our family library includes appropriate books.

Attitudes concerning sexual behavior are our most important teaching responsibility as parents. We further stress that our Heavenly Father loves them even more perfectly. That is why he gave them commandments to follow. In sexual matters, we teach them that venereal disease, premarital pregnancy, a shattered reputation, and even a Church court are possible negative consequences for inappropriate behavior; but we hope that even stronger motives are the positive rewards of a clear conscience, a temple marriage, eternal life together, and especially a marriage based on trust between parents.

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What It Really Means to Be a Little Boy’s Mama

Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Being a Boy. Aug 31, Kirsty rated it really liked it Shelves: review-books , uk-author. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of this book and without a doubt it is a perfect book for teenage boys. Being a boy talks to teenage boys in a frank and funny way about being a teenager, going through puberty and sex. It isn't judgemental or glamourised and sets the facts out straight. In a world where the sexualisation of children is rife and where hard core porn can be access by all with the click of a button this book is so needed.

What I love about this book is it is so frank. It I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of this book and without a doubt it is a perfect book for teenage boys. It outllines facts such as, the vital impoortance of safe sec, the fact that everyone has body hair, that sex seen in porn isn't realistic and that everyone everywhere no matter what gender of sexual orientation is capable of finding a loving relationship if they so choose to wish to do so.

In an age when unrealistic body images which are airbrushed and manipulated are portrayed by the media as the norm I can't think of better messages for teenage boys to hear. I love how unjudgemental this book is. It screams equality for all regardless of sex or gender identity and encourages teens not to label themselves whilst they are still young and finding out who they want to be.

In addition to all the sex stuff it has lovely messages about being a decent human being, bullying, treating people with respect and about feminism which is also vitally important for young men to hear.

I particularly loved the social hierarchy stereotypes including characters such as the 'pin head peacock', the 'sheep' and my personal favourite the 'shitweasel' which was used to outline vividly the types of people you should aim not to be in life if possible. I could go on for ages about the messages contained within this book and now important they are however for me the real selling point and the reason why this will be popular within the target audience is how it doesn't take itself too seriously. Quite honestly I have never laughed so much reading a book about sex and puberty which is a stark contrast to the dreaded sex education lessons I remember being subjected to as a teen when my crumbly old science teacher bored us through the dry biological parts of puberty and then horrified us through personal stories of his own sexual conquests in the seventies substituting sandwich bags for condoms.

Being delivered in such a funny and accessible way is so engaging and whilst driving vital messages home.


A fantastic and much needed book for teenage boys which offers frank, non-judgemental and honest advice from someone who has been there. In age of Internet porn, and unrealistic body image role models this book is utterly vital for those hopping precariously through the puberty minefield.

View all 3 comments. This was fantastic! I am definitely not the target audience for this book, yet I still thoroughly enjoyed it. This gives the reader a real insight into what it means to grow up as a boy, and covers everything from puberty to relationships. I think this would be valuable reading to any young boy, and possibly even some girls.

'A lot of us are in the dark': what teenage boys really think about being a man

It is a real eyeopener what guys have to go through, and how their struggles with growing up really aren't that dissimilar to girls. This book covers t This was fantastic! This book covers the topics in a humorous but also educational way, and the author did a great job of covering the topics without sounding patronising. I personally think this is a must read, and highly recommend. Jan 03, Luna rated it really liked it Shelves: uk-authors , publisher-review-copy-arc. So brilliant. Being A Boy is an honest and hilarious if I ever meet James Dawson I feel I should applaud, though that will probably freak him out book dealing with the pitfalls of being a teenager.

While this book is for boys there is so much that would benefit both sexes. The honesty is so refreshing, my school kinda failed beyond the usual diagrams for the sex-education. L So brilliant. Like many others my knowledge came via friends and TV, neither of which helps much with the emotional side. View 1 comment. Dec 21, Keris rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction.

Been looking forward to reading this for ages, so when I bought it for my nephews for Christmas I had to have a sneaky read first. Absolutely loved it. Perfectly pitched, laugh out loud funny and full of useful and important information. Really hope my nephews read it one of them once said "Why do you always buy us books? Why don't you get us anything good?